by Charli Cox

More so than ever does collaboration and understanding play a part in our community, and what better way to encourage locals to support locals in 2021 than for everyone to get to know each other a little better. Kicking off our regular series, Community, we caught up with one of our regulars, Jason, for a chat about what Koha means to him.


What impact has Koha had on you, your family or community?

It's very rewarding. I’m humbled and blessed that people out there are looking after people like us! May it continue.

What item of clothing has meant the most to you, is your favourite?

Probably my Zara one, it's blue and brown and feels like cotton. It feels nice to wear, I don’t wear it all the time as I look after my clothes. They are like my babies. They all have colours to dependant on the time and the year, straight time, gay time or day time wearing!

When did you first come across Koha?

At St Kevin’s arcade when Koha first started two years ago. 

What Koha pop-up is your regular?

St Kevin’s arcade is my regular, and the one at the Ellen Melville Centre. On the off chance if I can get there I do go to Onehunga dependant on the transport. 

Any parting words? 

Keep up the wonderful work as you really help people like myself who are in dire need of clothing, food and life luxuries.