100% of our clothing is recirculated, resold, repaired and reused or recycled at end of life.

We love being part of the circular economy. We're keeping more garments in circulation at their highest possible value, ensuring wearable pieces remain in use, and are not recycled or downcycled which represents additional resource use and is not necessarily part of a circular model.

Our work on circularity is split into three sections. Recirculation, which involves in-house sorting and community action to provide access to garments through pop-ups and collaborations with charity partners. With Resale we leverage a business model forecast to reach $350 billion in 2028, globally, with the potential to reimagine the fashion industry as we know it. Our online and physical store plays a key role in the solution to addressing behaviour change to achieve better citizenship of textiles.

Recycling is how we achieve zero waste to landfill, where all end-of-life garments collected from public donations, that cannot be repaired or upcycled. Recycling ensures no resource is wasted, no value is lost, and a new potential is realised for these materials.

2023 was big. 26,205 garments recirculated. 15,409kgCO2e prevented from being released into the atmosphere.