Donate unsold stock

Since 2019, we went from redistributing 2,382 garments to 14,416 in 2023, dressing 5,400 people across 21 community pop-ups. Our ability to continue providing this service is thanks to the incredible generosity of the public who donate from their wardrobes and our brand partners. 

Your customers have likely already donated to us or resold their garments through various online resale platforms. Will you join them?

Our mission is to reduce waste and to help close the loop in the fashion industry. We can provide you with sustainability pathways that, beyond paving the way to a more responsible future for the fashion industry are embracing a more caring culture, improving the livelihoods of our most marginalised.

Join us in reducing waste and conserving resources.

You can send us garments with minor repairs required, missing buttons, knitted garments with small holes, broken zips and so on. We will recover and repair these garments.

We charge a handling fee for receiving items, which covers our reverse logistics costs. 

Please send us an email to with a description of the merchandise you are looking to donate and the approximate quantities.

For those looking to explore partnership opportunities, download our Care Culture Club™ PDF.