Discontinuing pop-ups

In April, we made the decision to discontinue pop-ups, redirecting resources towards supporting community and not-for-profit organisations. As per our schedule, our pop-ups ran for the remainder of May. For five years, we have served our community with quality clothing and footwear. In addition to a meal, people have been able to come to us and walk away with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

Over the last twelve months, figures showed that we were seeing fewer people within the community spaces we served, and resellers were increasingly targeting us. It had become increasingly difficult to service pop-ups from a volunteer capacity and for the numbers we serve, financially also. 

To date this year, we have assisted 1,725 people through our community partners. These relationships are built on a mutual desire to see our people thrive, and it is through these cooperative community organisations, many grassroots, that we are connecting and building, supporting one-another where council and wider funding is lacking.

We understand this is a huge shift, especially for our volunteer community that has served alongside us. However, considering we are largely self-funded, to reach more people, especially in regions where there is less support, we must focus our funds and time where it will be the most effective.