Introducing Common

Koha Apparel, now Common, was always about redistribution. There has long been an increasing divide between those with and those without—, like housing, food, healthcare and adequate clothing. We all wear clothes and are a part of the fashion industry, but the more we thought about it, the more we realised there were some systemic issues around social disparity, waste and resources broadly that we could collectively advocate for, that would serve the common good.

Like many organisations, projects, and ideas, Koha Apparel evolved and it is how we came to a new name and identity. It was Jess, a dear friend, and long-time supporter who had mentioned the word common, which immediately made a lot of sense to us. The “common good” is an important concept in political philosophy. It refers to facilities that the members of a community provide to all in order to fulfill a relational obligation; the social contract—that they all have to care for certain interests held in common.

There is a growing sense today that it is unacceptable for ‘my’ money/taxes to go to a minority/others. Some people would rather cut services that might benefit society, but not themselves. They don't buy into the idea of the common good or a social contract: raising minimum wage, universal childcare, funding public education, or public transit. 

Today we are a network of exchange arrangements between not-for-profits, our customers and contributing partners, all with a common goal of redistributing material goods at a local level to support one-another within our communities. It is our civic duty to one another. While many individuals/companies/organisations would rather not contribute to the provision of the common good, everyone would be better off if they did. 

If you do want to contribute, take a look around, there are so many ways to get involved. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at