In conversation with Tahlee Reynolds of  oOh!media

In conversation with Tahlee Reynolds of oOh!media

by Charli Cox

Tahlee and the team at oOh!media recently hosted a wardrobe clear-out, donating 91 items of quality clothing that went out into our community, clothing people, and keeping textiles out of bins. oOh!media were also kind enough to feature us on their media screens throughout Tāmaki Makaurau malls during the initial flood response. Here we speak with Tahlee, the wonderful human who organised the clothing drive and media exposure, to discuss the importance of human connection and kindness and the inequalities we can work towards reducing by donating our resources and attention.

Tell us about what oOh!media does.

oOh!media is a leading Out of Home media company that aims to enhance public spaces through the creation of engaging environments. Our mission is to help advertisers, landlords, leaseholders, community organisations, local councils, and governments reach large and diverse public audiences.

How have the past eighteen months been for you?

The post-COVID world for oOh! has been about fostering innovation and adapting advertising to fit into our increasingly diverse lifestyles. It’s been a couple of challenging years, but we are grateful for everything we have achieved and how we have grown.

What does Aotearoa, the world, need more of right now?

As a team at oOh!media NZ, we think the world needs more compassion and empathy towards one another. With everything happening lately, it can be easy to forget the importance of human connection and kindness.

As an outdoor media company, we have the power to spread messages of hope and positivity that can bring communities together. It's our responsibility to use our network to promote messages that inspire and unite rather than divide. Our Positive Impact Project is all about supporting brands and businesses like Koha Apparel that are doing just that – positively impacting Kiwis.

What gives you hope for the future?

We are constantly inspired by the innovation of our younger generations and their commitment to climate change. As a business, we are committed to finding new ways to innovate in this space by constantly reviewing, adapting and adopting new practices that support our vision of a greener future. 

How important is having the choice of clothing to you?

We recognise that clothing is not just a necessity to keep warm. It’s a way to express ourselves and showcase our individuality, and having a choice in what we wear is a privilege.

Why did oOh! media decide to rent our clothing donation crates?

As a company, we are always looking for ways to engage with the community and promote initiatives aligning with our purpose of improving public spaces. We were inspired by Koha Apparel’s mission to reduce clothing entering our landfills while providing quality clothing to those needing it most.  

Your donations were freshly laundered and organised, with items likely unsuitable separated in black sacks for recycling. How did your team engage with the clothing drive?

Some of our team members were personally affected by the recent floods and cyclones, which brought home the message that one's circumstances can change quickly. This motivated our team to band together and support the drive.