Our people: Abeiku Eshun. he/him

Our people: Abeiku Eshun. he/him

by Charli Cox

We're lucky enough to be able to call on our talented community to volunteer their time, and faces, for Koha Apparel. Get to know one of the faces of Koha E-Commerce; Abeiku Eshun.

Thanks again for supporting Koha Apparel and quite literally putting your body on the line. While you're not pulling a blue-steel look for Koha Apparel, what might we find you doing? I'm a university student in my final year of school. When I'm not burying my face in books, I'm usually DJing (resident DJ on George FM) or writing, as that is one of my passions. Acting is also a newfound love of mine that I'm presently exploring.

What made you want to volunteer your time with Koha Apparel? There isn't a limit to the goodwill we can commit to our community so helping out in any way is something I love to do. Knowing the good heart Charli possess and her intentions make it even more worthwhile

What were some of your favourite pieces from our 'new season'? There're some really cool pants in the Koha artillery - I'm a sucker for a clean-cut pair of trousers.  

What would you say to encourage others to shop more sustainability?
Absolutely. It isn't enough to recognise the issues with waste and inequality around us but putting practice to what we understand makes all the difference. And Koha shows it doesn't have to be a difficult process. Even just buying second-hand clothing is a small step.

What are some of your favourite places to shop? When I'm indulging myself, Good as Gold or Area 51 are my easy go to's for what's current.