by Charli Cox

Welcome to our community series for March. Brenda spent years living rough, with inadequate access to the bare essentials in life. Today Brenda has a roof over her head, works two days a week and has turned her life around for the better. Brenda you are an inspiration to many others, I hope your story gives others around you hope.


We sat down over very strong mochaccino (her words) and had a chat about what Koha means to her, she has been a Koha regular since day one and became a familiar face after meeting her just once. Brenda you have become more than a friendly face, you are so special. Thank you for sharing your story and many laughs with me. We love you for it.

What impact has Koha had on you, your family or community?

Koha has helped me when I was cold, hungry and living rough outdoors. Koha has helped me so much, especially you Charli. Koha has given a helping hand to us rough sleepers when we were cold and unhappy. Koha and friends are always a shoulder to lean on, a problem shared and have always comforted me and my friends when we needed it. When we needed someone to talk to at the end of the night, you made us warm.

What item of clothing has meant the most to you, is your favourite?

My beautiful, beautiful purple jacket. It’s The North Face. One night I was really really cold and only had a singlet on and the purple jacket brightened my eyes. I put it on and it made my night and I can’t stop wearing it. 

When did you first come across Koha?

Two years ago now, it was definitely more than a year and a half ago. At Everybody Eats the St Kevin’s arcade dinner and to this day Koha will always be with us. Koha is a beautiful blessed charity that gives help to all that need it.

Any parting words? 

I now have a half a wardrobe from Koha. Thank you. Thank you Charli, you are the one amazing beautiful women that helped me when I needed it so much.