by Charli Cox

Welcome to our community series for June. We have had the pleasure of meeting the endearing Priscilla at our very first Soul Food pop-up. A loving mother, with her two beautiful children in tow, Priscilla has never failed to make us smile since. Priscilla has quickly become a friend to us and manages to be the first in line as well as the last to leave, always delighted to stick around for a chat. Despite having her own financial difficulties, Priscilla has always sought ways to extend generosity when she can, something we thought darn worth celebrating! Here’s a little snippet of what Koha means to Priscilla and her family.


What impact has Koha had on you, your family or community?

It has helped us immensely, due to having financial difficulties. It's also meant I can help others by passing on things to them too. 

What item of clothing has meant the most to you, is your favorite?  

All of them! The lot!

When did you first come across Koha Apparel?

Since I’ve been engaging with soul foods. My first time at Soul Food was Koha’s first time too. Koha Apparel is the bomb!