Our People, Tim Carter

Our People, Tim Carter

by Charli Cox

We're lucky enough to be able to call on our talented community to volunteer their time, and talents, for Koha Apparel. Get to know one of the faces behind Koha Apparel E-Commerce; our talented photographer, Tim Carter.

When you're not spending your Sundays volunteering with Koha, what might we find you doing?

When I’m not hanging with the legends at Koha Apparel, my Sunday mornings would be spent in the garden after a big pot of coffee, no doubt followed closely by a visit to Bunnings for whatever DIY project me and my wife are undertaking.

What made you want to volunteer your time with Koha Apparel?

I love the idea of the circular sustainable approach that Koha Apparel runs. The idea of repurposing and Providing quality clothes for EVERYONE. Another big positive is keeping clothes out of landfills. The age-old saying of ‘one person's trash is another person's treasure’ has never been more true. We can’t consume ourselves to sustainability, but we can reinvent the way we consume. It’s been said before but it takes a village to make Koha apparel happen. It’s a great feeling to be part of that said village and community.

How have you found working with our team of volunteer models?

It’s been amazing who has given their time to volunteer to be in front of the lens. Everyone has a unique story to tell and offer. It’s refreshing to see the inclusivity and diversity of people represented by Koha Apparel, no one is excluded.