Resold, reused and recycled

Resold, reused and recycled

by Charli Cox

My friend and photographer, a long-time supporter, Tracey Creed, photographed me one Sunday morning as we sifted through the racks, shooting three rolls of film in under an hour. You can view the fruits of the collaboration below—and everything is available to purchase via the links. 

We discussed how, at times, it does not feel like fast fashion is slowing down. As such, beyond our community work, diverting clothing from landfill is vital. All your donated clothing is resold, reused and recycled—and, when necessary, repaired at our community pop-ups or Saturdays. 

Generally speaking, there's a lot of enthusiasm for secondhand. Still, the amount of clothing sent to landfill is staggering. I recall seeing this Instagram post, a photograph of a dump truck in Christchurch telling people that unwanted clothing goes in the red bin. It doesn't—unless that garment is no longer useful to anybody.

If you have garments that are no longer useful to you but would be for somebody else, please consider donating these items. Increasingly as more people struggle with the cost of living, improving access to quality clothing does work towards restoring dignity and advancing social inclusion within our communities.

Wearing sass & bide the circus ball skirt.

Ellery panel trousers.

Wearing Levi's RE/DONE jeans.

Wynn Hamlyn top.

Wearing Kowtow building block dress.

Wearing Lacoste pinstripe shirt.

Wearing Carhartt Kilda Vest.

SIR. polka dot skirt.

Wearing Calvin Klein sweater.

GRLFRIEND Karolina Jean