Chris Parker

Chris Parker

by Charli Cox

Shout out to Chris Parker - thank you so much for your support! If you have not seen them yet, check Chris combining his fearless style and 80s vibes to make his Koha Apparel looks as well as a quick Q&A with the national treasure.


How did you first discover Koha?

I first discovered Koha on Instagram ,where all cute communities begin. So far it’s a online crush, but I’m going to break it into an in real life crush next time there is a pop up shop.

I’m sure you’ve heard, but your Instagram content is the best thing to come out of lock-down, how do you come up with such original ideas?

All my Instagram content is made the morning it’s posted and takes me roughly an hour. It’s kind of like an artist exercise to see if I can make something an share it by midday! I’m so surprised (but delighted) that people like it and also want to share it. My inspiration is however I’m feeling that day, and I try and transform that into a weird comedy sketch. I guess people relate so hard because it turns out everyone reacts to being locked inside their house in a very similar way.

What would like to see from Koha in the next year?
More pop ups! More clothes! Helping more people! I love it. Such an amazing kaupapa.

Shop the looks: Chris Parker x Koha Apparel edit

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